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Baby bum balm

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For babies - 100 ml 

100% natural. vegetarian (beeswax), made with certified organic ingredients. 

Keep your baby relaxed and comfortable with our soft Baby Bum Balm. The natural barrier of coconut oil, (vegetarian) beeswaxand ultra-moisturizing shea butter protects your baby’s and little ones skin. Our nurturing balm is infused with the vitamin-rich essential oils, chamomile, sweet orange and lavender oils which provides a beautiful, natural scent.

This balm efficiently supports healing and protects baby’s most delicate areas from excess moisture. It also acts as balm to protect and repair any areas of irritated, dry and cracked skin, use on yourself as a tummy rub, to relieve sore nipples (remove before breastfeeding), as a hand cream and as lip balm.